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JUGGLING a career, kids and useless partner is tricky for mums before thermonuclear oblivion’s added to the mix! Mumsnet regular Joanna Kramer gives her tips: 

Build a bunker

Make it as airtight as possible with a generator and wifi to stay connected to Mumsnet, and a chest freezer for provisions. Pretend to be gutted by the kids wanting potato faces every night when really you’re revelling in being a martyr to their basic taste. You used to love Thai!

Share trivial, confusing problems

Despite looming world war continue sharing your baffling and bitter grudge against a neighbour you lent a jam jar to which they never returned, even though it’s just a jam jar and it’s more the principle. Should you say something or are you being petty? Yes the four-minute warning’s gone off, but this is important.

Keep posting your weird sex issues

As the warheads strike keep hold of your priorities and post deeply personal sex questions like ‘Walked in on husband, shall we say ‘choking the chicken’, over the kids’ Peppa Pig DVD while muttering ‘take it piggy’. Is this normal?’

Consult Mumsnet over everything

A nuclear war needn’t stop you consulting wholly unqualified random people about every sodding issue, such as ‘Can I refreeze defrosted raw chicken?’, ‘Should I take the kids out to see the mushroom clouds?’, and ‘Does Calpol work for radiation sickness?’

Remain completely self-obsessed

As the situation deteriorates, Mumsnet will be full of posts like: ‘Bodies everywhere. Food supplies exhausted. Plague has broken out. Squads of men in hazmat suits killing the infected with flamethrowers. Will the examiner take this into account re daughter’s GCSE grades?’

Don’t forget to moan about the transgenders

It may not seem a priority with mobs killing and looting at will, but keep posting irate comments about transgender issues you’ve uncritically absorbed from the Mail, such as ‘I’m a woman, not a ‘person with a uterus’ thank you very much!’

Make your last words a humblebrag

‘Giant mutated rat ate our labrador, Rufus. Should have saved a few quid and got a rescue dog instead of a pedigree! Daughter in floods, but son got it with a homemade spear. Glad I paid the extra and got Japanese kitchen knives from Lakeland.’