I am SO FREAKING SICK of seeing ads from Chinese clothing companies in my Facebook feed, LEGIT OPENLY LYING about where their clothes are from.

The latest? Klynu. I see ads for this place pop up a lot, and they are REALLY good at drawing me in because social algorithms have figured out what kind of clothes I like. I’m a HUGE fan of dresses – and unfortunately since I work at home (often in my jammies), I don’t have a lot of opportunities to WEAR dresses, but I love them and I buy them and try to wear them out to dinner every now and then. And this dress? Well, it’s right up my alley.

See at the bottom where it says “Made in South Carolina, US?” The first time I saw an ad from Klynu that said that, I was immediately intrigued, since of course I’m not only a fan of dresses but I’m also a fan of South Carolina, and I LOVED the idea of supporting a store that manufactured in my future home state.

But the website seemed sketch immediately. US store websites don’t typically have the tell-tale currency drop down menu at the top. And when stuff is made in South Carolina, the shipping information definitely doesn’t sound like this.

Why would there be shipping delays TO the US, FROM the US? That makes no sense.

Their website looks exactly like about 147 kabillion other Chinese clothing websites. They’re all renowned for having amazing looking clothing photos, super cheap pricing, and the literal WORST customer service and return policies ever. In other words, they’re scams. And they’re Chinese scams, which makes them extra awful.

But what makes me most angry about Klynu is their outright lie about where they make their clothing. DON’T BRING MY FUTURE HOME STATE INTO THIS, Klynu.

I’ve tried commenting on some of their FB posts to alert some of the less scam-savvy folks out there that it’s a big fat lie, and those comments are always deleted. So I thought, maybe I should just write about it on a platform that I know will get eyeballs and where I know it won’t be deleted by the Klynu liars.

So here we are.

If you don’t wanna take it from me, here are a bunch of other folks saying the exact same thing.

I mean, I could go on and on with these. The point is, you should ALWAYS double check any site you buy from – especially if you see it on a social media platform – to see if it’s legit. Looking at the shipping information is a great way to see if they’re on the up and up.

Klynu is a scam, and I’m super stoked to tag them in the caption of this post on social media, so that they see that I’m onto them, and everyone else will be onto them too.

By the way, if you missed my recent experience entertaining a scammer over email, check that out right here.