Trump’s Save America PAC, which raises money to push election fraud claims, paid $60,000 to Melania’s stylist

Melania Trump and Hervé Pierre Braillard
Former first lady Melania Trump and Hervé Pierre Braillard stand alongside the gown she wore to the 2017 inaugural balls.

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

  • Trump’s Save America PAC paid Melania’s stylist $60,000, per FEC records.
  • Hervé Pierre Braillard, a French-American designer, has styled Melania for several years.
  • FEC records show that the payments were for “strategy consulting.” 

Former President Donald Trump’s Save America political action committee, set up after the 2020 presidential election, gave thousands of dollars to former First Lady Melania Trump’s stylist, USA Today reported.

The fund paid $60,000 to Hervé Pierre Braillard, who styled Melania for several years and worked with her to design a gown for inaugural balls, according to records filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

The fund made four payments in total. Save America PAC made a payment to Braillard of $6,000 in April of this year and three subsequent payments of $18,000 each in May and June.

Braillard, a French-American fashion designer, has also worked for Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama.

The description of the transactions says the payments were made to Braillard for “strategy consulting.”

Save America PAC and Braillard did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

Trump’s Save America PAC was established in November 2020, just days after President Joe Biden’s election victory, and raises money to fight against baseless claims of election fraud and back the former president’s preferred candidates in races.

The Federal Elections Commission does not allow PACs to spend money on personal items. However, Save America is a leadership PAC with fewer spending restrictions. It has raised $250 million, with seniors gifting the majority of the donations, according to Rolling Stone.

Save America PAC has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks amid hearings from the House committee investigating the January 6 attack. 

In June, the political fundraising operation was accused of “intentionally” misleading donors by Rep. Zoe Logfren, California Democrat who serves on the panel. The panel said the Trump campaign fundraised for a non-existent ‘election defense fund” and asked supporters for cash for election fraud claims it knew were not true.

Save America PAC also made headlines for asking fans to donate money while announcing Ivana Trump’s death.

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