Trump rails against Fox News, saying the network hasn’t aired a movie alleging widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election

Donald Trump, waving on the White House lawn.
Former President Donald Trump.

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  • Donald Trump criticized Fox News on Saturday, saying it wouldn’t air a movie on voter fraud.
  • “They won’t even show or discuss the greatest & most impactful documentary of our time, ‘2000 Mules,'” Trump said. 
  • “Fox News is no longer Fox News,” he added.

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday railed against Fox News, saying the network refuses to acknowledge “2000 Mules,” a film alleging widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. 

“Fox News is no longer Fox News,” Trump said on “They won’t even show or discuss the greatest & most impactful documentary of our time, ‘2000 Mules.’ The Radical Left Democrats are thrilled – They don’t want the TRUTH to get out.”

He said it’s “depressing,” and called for CNN to take the place of Fox News as the most-watched cable news network in the country. 

“CNN should go Conservative and take over the greatest, strongest, and most powerful BASE in U.S. history,” he said. “Nobody is watching CNN’s Fake News now so, as I say, what the hell have they got to lose? Sadly, they’re to [sic] stupid to make the change!”

The documentary was created by conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza, who has also complained recently of it receiving what he perceives to be insufficient airtime. 

Newsmax “is also blocking coverage of ‘2000 Mules,'” D’Souza wrote on Twitter. “I was booked on Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show and then the network cancelled on me. Criticize the move if you like, but why isn’t this a legitimate news story? How can so-called news networks pretend it doesn’t exist?”

—Dinesh D’Souza (@DineshDSouza) May 9, 2022

Trump heralded “2000 Mules” and said it exposed “great election fraud,” a claim that has been repeatedly debunked since he lost the 2020 presidential election.

After the results of the 2020 presidential election, the Trump campaign has filed dozens of lawsuits alleging voter fraud, most of which have so far been denied, dismissed, or withdrawn.

Independent election watchdog groups have repeatedly said there was no widespread voter fraud. After the results came out, for example, The New York Times contacted election officials in every state, each of which said there is no evidence that fraud influenced the presidential election.

But even since leaving office, Trump has continued to insist that the election was rigged. Republican lawmakers and Trump supporters have also echoed his unsubstantiated claims. 

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