Trump Forced To Return Millions After Donation Scam

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was forced to return millions of dollars it got out of supporters after quietly signing them up to give automatic donations.

Instead of operating like most traditional campaigns and asking donors if they wanted their giving to recur on a regular basis, the Trump team just went ahead and did the deed — putting millions of dollars in their pockets.

“The aggressive fund-raising tactics that former President Donald J. Trump deployed late in last year’s presidential campaign have continued to spur an avalanche of refunds into 2021, with Mr. Trump, the Republican Party and their shared accounts returning $12.8 million to donors in the first six months of the year, newly released federal records show.,” the New York Times now reports.

Trump’s team added the recurring donations as a default in September of 2020 after the candidate began falling behind President Joe Biden in national polls on Trump’s way to losing the election and a humiliating solo presidential term.

When they realized they had been duped, many Trump supporters then filed fraud complaints with their credit card companies, demanding that the money be returned to them.

Peter Loge, the director of the Project on Ethics in Political Communication at George Washington University, told the New York Times, “It’s pretty clear that the Trump campaign was engaging in deceptive tactics.”

Millions in illicit Trump dollars were also sent to the Republican National Committee, tainting many other Republican campaigns for the House and Senate with the scent of financial scandal.

The Trump scam has led the Federal Elections Committee to recommend that Congress pass campaign finance laws that would make the Trump-style shady tactic against the law.

Despite the unsavory tactic, or perhaps because of it, Trump is still using the same tactic to this day with his political action committee Save America, which is hauling in millions in donations largely based on Trump’s lies that he won the election and that phony “audits” can undo his loss to Biden.