Scammer Panics After Seeing Man In SPF Uniform, Tells Him ‘Love You, Sir’

Scammer Calls Man Who Happens To Be Wearing An SPF Uniform

In recent years, many Singaporeans have received their fair share of scam messages and calls. Oftentimes, these scammers will impersonate police officers, fishing for individuals’ personal details.

On Saturday (19 Feb), a man received one such call from a scammer claiming to be from Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Coincidentally, he was wearing an SPF uniform at the time after returning from a shoot. He later shared on TikTok how the conversation went between him and the scammer.

scammer made a mistake!

♬ original sound – Muhammad Asrul – Muhammad Asrul

Panicked, the scammer turned off his camera and even said, “Love you, sir” to the man.

Man shows scammer he is wearing a police uniform

In the TikTok video lasting over 1 minute, the man says he had just returned home from a photoshoot.

He then shows himself picking up a video call from a scammer.

The scammer is dressed in white and has a blue lanyard around his neck. In the background, the words ‘Singapore Police Force’ can be seen.


After the scammer introduces himself as an SPF personnel, the man then walks into the frame of the camera, revealing that he is wearing a police uniform.


Confidently, he asks the scammer, “Is it? You’re from the police force, is it?”. Immediately panicking, the scammer turns his camera off.

Scammer says, “Love you, sir”

However, the scammer tries to stand his ground and makes a last-ditch attempt by asking the man to show him his IC.

scammer man SPF uniformSource

But the man continues questioning the scammer about being from SPF.

Even as the scammer turns his microphone off, the man asks him, “You see what I’m wearing right now?”

scammer man SPF uniformSource

The scammer continues to feign ignorance and a long awkward silence ensues. The man asks the scammer if he still wants to talk. “Hi, hello. You want to talk? Where’s your video? Come on, switch on your video.”

To which, the scammer comically replies,

love you, sir.

At that moment, the man looks amused and laughs in response. The scammer then says,

Yes, my brother, love you.

Man clarifies he isn’t impersonating a police officer

Within a day, the video went viral, garnering over 355,000 views.

In another TikTok several hours later, the man clarifies that he posted the video to create awareness about scams.

i ll have to say, so that its not misleading

♬ original sound – Muhammad Asrul – Muhammad Asrul

He stresses that he was not impersonating a police officer. When he received the call, he had just finished a shoot and was still in uniform.

The man then decided to use the opportunity to show the scammer that he was messing with the wrong person.

He also urges the public to be careful and keep personal information, such as banking details, private.

He hopes that the SPF will be able to help minimise the occurrence of these scam calls one day.

Stay vigilant & guard against scam calls

The interaction between the man and the scammer was certainly a laughable one.

Although the man wasn’t a police officer, hopefully, he made the scammer think twice about his actions.

On our part, do stay vigilant about such scam calls and always remember to verify the caller’s identity. Refrain from giving out your personal details at all costs.

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Featured image adapted from anaksangku on TikTok.

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