The Great COVID Vaccine Scam

A famous saying (widely attributed to showman P.T. Barnum) states, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” A century and a half later, it appears the only difference is now there are just a lot more suckers. For the past 19 months, the COVID-19 virus has ravaged the planet. People in America and around the world…Read More

Wisconsin Investigation Uncovers Potential Tip Of A Voting Fraud Iceberg

Last Thursday, the Racine County, Wisconsin sheriff’s office held an hour-long press conference detailing the results of an investigation into a complaint the office received of potential violations of state election law. While leftist media ignored the story, the investigation revealed both blatant violations of state law by election officials and detailed evidence of voter…Read More

Lazada Scammer Allegedly Provided Victim With Legit Email & SMS, Attempts To Reset Password

Lazada Scammer Attempts To Reset Victim’s Password With the holiday season upon us and countless mega sales happening one after another, it’s important to be wary of scams. Recently, a man shared his encounter with an alleged Lazada scam that was extremely convincing. He recounted his experience in a Facebook post and warned others of…Read More

Criminal Investigation Of Trump Tax Fraud Accelerates In NY

Although criminal charges against the Trump company and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, have already been issued over a sprawling, years-long tax evasion scheme, the criminal investigation by New York authorities into the Trump company that led to those charges is continuing. Now, as reported by The Washington Post, investigators are training their sights…Read More

Trump in Trouble: Insiders Allege Trump Organization Pulled Off $1.3 Million Insurance Scam

There’s nothing like a motivated investigative reporter to ruin Donald Trump’s day. Seth Hettena of Rolling Stone, in keeping with their recent explosive stories about Trump’s troubles, is the author of a new report from the magazine detailing a new scandal for Trump to hide from. According to Hettena, a former employee inside the Trump Organization…Read More

DWP urged to reveal algorithm that ‘targets’ disabled for benefit fraud | Disability | The Guardian

Disabled people are being subjected to stressful checks and months of frustrating bureaucracy after being identified as potential benefit fraudsters by an algorithm the government is refusing to disclose, according to a new legal challenge. A group in Manchester has launched the action after mounting testimony from disabled people in the area that they were…Read More

French publication drops new bombshell in Rafale Scam, says CBI, ED knew about Rs. 65 crore bribe to middleman Sushen Gupta but took no action

France’s investigative publication has made a stunning expose on the Rafale scam saying that a whopping Rs. 65 crore was paid to middleman Sushen Gupta to secure the lucrative contract to sell the fighter jets to India. The French publication claimed that both the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate were aware of the payment of…Read More

Rudy Giuliani Admits That He Never Checked To See If His Election Fraud Claims Were True

Rudy Giuliani admitted in a taped deposition that he never bothered to verify his claims of election fraud. Video: Here is video of Rudy Giuliani’s deposition in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit where he admits that he never checked to see if his claims of election fraud were true. — Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah)…Read More