Nursing home employee pleads guilty to three counts of election fraud after forging residents’ signatures on absentee ballot applications

CENTER LINE, MI – A nursing home employee in Center Line, Michigan, is facing some jail time after to three misdemeanor counts of making a false statement on an absentee ballot application.

According to , Trenae Myesha Rainey, 28, was charged last October with “three counts of election law forgery and three counts of forging signature on absentee ballot applications.”

WLNS that each of those felonies carries with it a five-year prison sentence.

CBS Detroit notes that on February 23, 2022, Rainey pleaded guilty to the three misdemeanor counts of making a false statement on an absentee ballot application, and was sentenced to two years’ probation.The first 45 days are to be served in the Macomb County Jail.

Rainey’s forging activities first came to light in October of 2020, when the Center Line clerk examined “roughly two dozen” absentee voter applications that had been dropped off for processing.The clerk reported to the Michigan Bureau of Elections that the voter signatures did not match the voter signatures on file.

The Michigan Department of the Attorney General began investigating the case in November 2020 and found that the applications came from the Father Murray Nursing home.

Investigators also determined that the applications also were for “residents who had not yet told staff if they wished to vote in the 2020 general election.”

CBS Detroit goes on to report that officials found that Rainey, who worked at Father Murray, did not discuss the applications with the residents as required by procedure, but instead forged their signatures.

After forging the signatures, Rainey gave the applications to another employee with instructions to drop them off at the clerk’s office.

Center Line nursing home employee pleads guilty to election fraud.
Trenae Myesha Rainey, 28, pled guilty to three counts of making a false statement on an absentee ballot while working at the Father Murray nursing

— Smelly Fish (@SmellyFishx) February 26, 2022

She was charged in relation to three of the applications in question.

After her sentencing on lesser misdemeanor charges, Rainey’s attorney, William Hatchett, indicated his objections to the sentence, :

“We think the sentence is unjust under the circumstances.”

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel regarding the case:

“I appreciate our partners at the Department of State and Michigan State Police who brought this case to us.”

She continued:

“These collaborative investigations assist in maintaining the integrity of our elections, and this case highlights the scrutiny applications and ballots undergo throughout the election process to weed out instances of attempted fraud.

“We will not hesitate to prosecute anyone – regardless of political party – who attempts to undermine our elections.”

According to , two other Detroit metro area women were also charged by Nessel in October 2021 with election fraud in relation to the 2020 general election.

Trenae Myesha Rainey 28 was charged w/3 counts of election law forgery & 3 counts of forging signatures on absentee ballot after she is alleged to have filled out applications & forged residents’ signatures at Fr Murray Nursing Home where she worked.

— Katarzyna Ski (@MtRushmore2016) October 13, 2021

One of those women, Carless Clark, 59, was:

“charged with impersonating another to vote and election law forgery after she was alleged to have signed and returned her grandson’s mail-in ballot despite his decision to vote in person.”

The Detroit News reports further that Clark stated she signed the ballot because she thought her grandson would not be able to vote in person.

The case came to investigators’ attention after the Bureau of Elections took note of a “double voting,” both in-person and via mail-in ballot.

CBS Detroit reports that Clark was sentenced to 12 months probation and 19 days of community service.

In the other case, Nancy Juanita Williams, 55, was charged with:

“14 counts of false statement on an absentee ballot application, forging a signature on an application and election law forgery in several different courts.”

According to The Detroit News, Williams allegedly submitted “26 absentee ballot applications to nine different clerks for legally incapacitated persons under her care.”

She also allegedly submitted voter registration applications for each of those persons without their consent.

These instances of fraud were discovered when election administrators took note of absentee ballot applications signed with “X” that requested the ballots be sent to “Guardian and Associates in Oak Park.”

CBS Detroit reports that Williams is facing trial on those charges.

Where’s the media? Arizona AG’s office has prosecuted 34 voter fraud cases – and just warming up

Originally published February 24, 2022

ARIZONA — The Arizona Attorney General’s (AG) Office has uncovered several voter fraud cases related to voting or elections since 2010, and the mainstream media has been mostly silent about it.

Through its Fraud & Special Prosecution Section, the AG’s Office has compiled a partial list of 34 voter fraud cases in Arizona. More will be forthcoming.

Many defendants have already made plea agreements, and other cases are still ongoing, according to a list provided by the AG’s Office on Feb. 2.

WTF is the AG of Arizona doing here instead of prosecuting the proven voter fraud?

Crap like this reflects badly on him & Republicans in general for good reason. It’s stupid & embarrassing.

— Cynthia (@CSpan2808) October 15, 2021

Most defendants have been fined thousands of dollars, ordered to complete community restitution and placed on probation.

Some defendants were placed on unsupervised probation instead of a supervised version.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is aggressively prosecuting voter fraud in Arizona. Happy Wendy Rogers and Ron Watkins? @get_innocuous

Scottsdale woman pleads guilty to casting vote using dead mother’s name in 2020 election: Arizona AG

— WillG (@iamwillgnyc) February 2, 2022

The allegations against so many defendants are revealing how vulnerable election systems are in critical states and counties throughout the U.S.

FOX 10 reported that Joe Biden was declared the winner of Arizona by a margin of fewer than 10,500 votes.

Despite Democrats gloating and saying there was no evidence of 2020 voter fraud, Arizona’s AG Mark Brnovich has found and prosecuted it.

However, one question worth pondering is whether current penalties are tough enough to discourage future voter fraud.

Left Logic:
My hard left neighbor excuse, Thats just one person, doesnt prove anything except they got caught. 🙄

Arizona School Board Member Indicted for Ballot Harvesting Voter Fraud in Yuma County

— Yig (@yigsstarhouse) December 24, 2020

For example, in January there was a plea agreement between Defendant Alma Yadira Juarez and the State of Arizona.

Juarez pleaded guilty to a Class 1 misdemeanor of Ballot Abuse, also known as “ballot harvesting.”

On page 7 of the plea agreement, Juarez acknowledged the following:

“On August 4, 2020, I, Alma Yadira Juarez, did knowingly collect voted early ballots from another person, and those early ballots belonged to individuals for whom I am not a family member, household member, or caregiver.

“I did this when I possessed four (4) early ballots for the August 4, 2020, primary election which were given to me by Guillermina Fuentes.”

The crime carries a maximum sentence of just six months, and probation is available.

In addition, the maximum fine that can be imposed is $2,500 along with an 83 percent surcharge and additional surcharges and assessments, according to the plea agreement.

Keep going! The Democrats use the trickle down effect. It starts at the top and it goes all the way down, get every single one of them from the top to the bottom. Orders were given and orders were followed.

— AZConservative (@CountrygirlMom2) December 24, 2020

Initially, in December of 2020, AG Brnovich announced in a press release that a State Grand Jury indicted Juarez and her associate, Fuentes, both of San Luis, Arizona, for 1 count each of Ballot Abuse.

The Dec. 23 press release further noted:

“The indictment alleges that during the August 2020 Primary Election, Fuentes and Juarez knowingly collected four voted ballots from another person, in violation of Arizona law.

“The early ballots were deposited into a ballot box on Election Day, and were processed and counted by the Yuma County Recorder during the election.

“Arizona law only provides for a family member, household member, or caregiver of the voter to collect voted or unvoted early ballots from another person.

“Ballot abuse under Arizona law is a class 6 felony and each defendant faces up to two years in prison and a $150,000 fine. 

“This investigation was conducted by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office Special Investigations Section, Election Integrity Unit, Special Agent Bill Knuth.

“Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson is prosecuting this case.”

The alleged that Fuentes and Juarez possessed and delivered four mail-in ballots to a voting precinct at one time in contravention of state law.

Under Arizona law, only a member of a person’s household may deliver their ballot to a precinct center for them.

Then on Oct. 5, 2021, AG Brnovich announced through a press release that a State Grand Jury had indicted Fuentes, of San Luis, on additional charges related to her alleged illegal conduct in the August 2020 Primary Election:

“Fuentes is accused of voting for another person with an early ballot.

“In December 2020, Fuentes was indicted on one count of Ballot Abuse, also known as ‘ballot harvesting.’

“That charge, which is also included in the new indictment, alleges that during the August 2020 Primary Election, Fuentes knowingly collected four voted ballots from other persons, in violation of Arizona law.

“The early ballots were deposited into a ballot box on Election Day, and were processed and counted by the Yuma County Recorder during the election.

“Arizona law only provides for a family member, household member, or caregiver of the voter to collect voted or unvoted early ballots from another person.

“In addition to the Ballot Abuse charge, the new indictment alleges three additional felony charges: Conspiracy, Forgery, and an additional Ballot Abuse count.

“The new charges allege that Fuentes conspired to obtain and vote the early ballot of another individual in the August 2020 Primary Election.

“The indictment further alleges that Fuentes knowingly signed the individual’s name on an early ballot envelope, and that she allegedly violated another part of the Ballot Abuse law by marking the individual’s ballot.”

Associated Press reported last October:

“Fuentes, 65, a Democrat, is a former mayor of the border city of San Luis. She serves as an elected board member of the Gadsden Elementary School District in San Luis.

“Calls seeking comment from her attorney in the earlier case, Anne Chapman, were not immediately returned.”

Curious as to what are the possible penalties?? It’s time to make these penalties big enough to stop the fraud!

— lovetheshow (@lovetheshow3) October 7, 2021

AZ Free News reported last summer that concerned citizens had provided the FBI with damning videos of ballot abuse in Yuma County.

The outlet noted that two local election integrity watchdogs used hidden cameras to record ballot harvesting incidents at two polling stations in San Luis:

“Gary Garcia Snyder and David Lara revealed in a radio interview with Sergio Arellano that they utilized hidden cameras to record ballot harvesting incidents at two San Luis polling stations on Aug. 4, 2020, which was primary election day.

“The city of 33,000 is in the far southwest corner of Arizona on the Mexico border.

“Among those seen on the video dropping off more than their one personal ballot were Guillermina Fuentes, a member of the Gadsden Elementary School District board in San Luis, and Alma Yadira Juarez.

“Both women have been indicted on a Class 6 felony of ballot abuse for allegedly collecting four ballots which were later processed and counted by the Yuma County Recorder.”

AZ Free News also reported that Snyder and Lara revealed how the illegal practice of ballot harvesting is done:

“Snyder and Lara, who are local businessmen, discussed the problem of fraudulent ballot harvesting with Arellano, who has testified at the Arizona State Senate about ballot harvesting in Southern Arizona and how voters can be taken advantage of, particularly in majority-minority areas.

“Lara first wanted to clarify that the type of illegal ballot harvesting taking place in San Luis does not involve simply helping someone get their ballot to a polling station. Instead, it is much more insidious, he says.

“What most people commonly think of as ballot harvesting involves a closed envelope with a ballot that had been voted by the voter.

“But the men say what is happening in some communities, particularly Latino and low-income neighborhoods, is the taking of someone’s blank ballot and signed early ballot affidavit envelope.

“The ballot is then filled out and dropped off (aka harvested) without the voter’s input.

“Because the real voter signed the early ballot affidavit, there is no way for election officials to know someone other than the voter filled out the ballot.”

I don’t know why people have hopes in Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich doing the right thing by opening the investigations into voter fraud and indicting the criminals…
He is RINO and not going to do shit …
Find alternate ways friends !

— IndianConservative🇺🇲❤ (@ConservativeIn9) February 20, 2022

Lara suggested that those engaging in illegal ballot harvesting are trying to normalize the practice in order to take advantage of more naïve voters:

“It’s done in such a manner that it’s so subtle and gradual that the community believes it’s the norm.

“They think that it’s acceptable and they think this is the way it’s done; this is the way you do things.”

Lara said ballot abuse is also being done by staff members of various nonprofit organizations that have contact with residents and build trust with them. He told Arellano:

“So, what happens is this: you go to a non-profit, you know as a member of the community, and you ask for help.

“It could be housing, it could be health, it could be whatever, filling out documents, you name it.

“When you walk in they will ask you, oh, by the way, are you registered to vote? Oh, well, no, I’m not. Is your family registered? No. Well, we can help you.”

At that point, Lara said that the new voter is either told who to vote for or to just sign a ballot and don’t worry about the rest as it will be taken care of for the person. Lara noted:

“They’ve actually tricked the community in believing they’re doing the right thing, they’re voting, they’re participating, yet they’re not really informing the community that they’re being lied to, used, and manipulated.

“San Luis is ground zero as far as voter fraud. That’s where it started in 1997. It has spread through the state and it was perfected in San Luis.”

AZ Free News reported that Snyder said the FBI has video footage of Juarez bringing multiple early ballots to a local San Luis polling station:

“The footage, he says, shows the early ballot affidavits were signed but the envelopes were not sealed. Fuentes, 65, is reportedly at the same table when the ballots are dropped off.”

Ironically, in December of 2020, it was reported that Fuentes was sued for accusing a San Luis, Arizona mayoral candidate of orchestrating voter fraud in 2010. The candidate alleged Fuentes libeled her.

The fraud in question allegedly occurred before the August primary election in Arizona.


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