McCarthy Promises ‘Real Investigations’ of Democrat ‘Fraud and Abuse’ if GOP Retakes House in 2022 –

(USA Features) House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Saturday he will ensure that the GOP engages in “real investigations” of Democrat “fraud and abuse” if his party retakes the chamber during the 2022 midterms.

In an interview with host Matthew Boyle on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, the man who would likely replace current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged to support investigations into whether the California Democrat’s husband engaged in any insider trading as well as president son Hunter Biden over his art deals.

Those probes stand in contrast to the current Jan. 6 select committee investigation which McCarthy says Pelosi has launched as a political decoy for the Biden administration’s policies as well as political fodder for her party heading into next year’s elections.

“You know what? We will look at any of the fraud and abuse that has gone on,” McCarthy vowed. “We will have real investigations.”

McCarthy, a California Republican, noted recent financial reports showing that Paul Pelosi exercised call options on 4,000 shares of Alphabet, Inc., Google’s parent company, a week before the House Judiciary Committee decided to advance antitrust legislation that would impact the search and media giant.

He also pointed to a growing number of ethics questions involving Hunter Biden’s sale of artwork for a purported half-million dollars, though he has no art background and his work has been panned by critics.

The Biden administration has not disclosed who the presidential son is selling to; ethics experts fear that his art is going to be purchased by foreign actors seeking influence with his father, President Joe Biden.

The dream ticket for the GOP — Trump/DeSantis 2024 Flag!

McCarthy also noted that as inflation rises under current economic policies and ongoing global situations resulting from the COVID pandemic, wealthy political leaders like Biden and Pelosi are not hurting like ordinary Americans are.

“Which American would not be worried about [inflation]? Pelosi wouldn’t be worried about it because her and her husband just made $5 million, not buying stock, but trading options on tech stocks when Congress was actually taking legislation up, $5 million in one month. Can you imagine that?” McCarthy said.

“And then you’ve got the only other person who wouldn’t be nervous about inflation. If you had a son that was an artist that could sell paintings for $500,000 — which, he’s never been an artist before,” he added.

“Those are the only two families that I could think of that aren’t worried about inflation in America.”

Tensions between McCarthy and Pelosi ratcheted up last month when she refused to seat two of his five GOP nominees for the Jan. 6 commission in an unprecedented move.

Also, McCarthy faced calls for his resignation after he made an off-handed joke about rapping Pelosi with the Speaker’s gavel when she hands it to him in January 2023 if Republicans take the chamber and she is forced to give it up.

He also blasted Pelosi and other Democrats for continually imposing COVID-related rules such as mask-wearing on people but refusing to follow their own mandates.

“Think about it. Pelosi starts and tells you you can’t get a haircut, but she gets one,” McCarthy said.

“You’ve got Gavin Newsom who sits there and tells you you’ve got to wear a mask as you’re eating dinner — even then he goes out with everybody, doesn’t have it on, and then anybody else can’t go out to eat, and he goes to one of the most expensive restaurants in California,” he added.

“You’ve got Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi off the investment of options into high-tech stocks, yet at the same time Congress is taking up the issue. You’ve got Nancy Pelosi now claiming that you have to wear a mask if you’re in the House, but not in the Senate — because the science is different — but she doesn’t wear a mask,” said McCarthy, continuing.

“They are not ‘for the people.’ They are about themselves, and this is the wake-up call of this new Republican party.”

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