Leaked FOIA Request Exposes Bill Barr’s Role In Election Fraud Cover Up!

UAFReport| Daniel|  After the crooked 2020 presidential election, virtually everyone associated with or in support of progressive Democrats denounced all claims of election fraud. Their boy had been elected president, even if he had to cheat to do so.

Regardless of whether they knew something wasn’t right, liberals proclaimed all election doubters to be conspiracy freaks. They weren’t. Millions of Americans still believe that President Trump was cheated out of a second term.

But what about the conservative Republicans, who seemed to agree with this liberal narrative? Why would a “so-called Republican” say there was no evidence of election fraud when there clearly was? What would these people have to gain by denying the obvious?

One of the most disturbing people who denied President Trump’s claims of election fraud was his own attorney general. Bill Barr immediately stood with liberal Democrats. Before a national audience, Barr announced there was “no evidence of fraud that would change the election.”

Barr made a stoic stance against any thought that Joe Biden could have cheated to win. His proclamation was so steadfast that everyone just assumed that Barr made his assessment based on hardcore evidence.

His office was supposed to have investigated incidents of fraud. Barr even said publicly that the Department of Justice had conducted a thorough investigation into multiple allegations of fraud. He made these assertions even though Barr himself cautioned the nation against mail-in voting.

He made comments prior to the 2020 election that alerted the nation to the potential for fraud. So, why did the attorney general do such an about-face? It’s as if someone made it “worth Bill Barr’s time and effort” to turn against his former boss.

Barr remained steadfast that investigations proved that “widespread election fraud did not happen.” He has made these claims multiple times and continues to make them. Well, it turns out that the investigation into widespread election fraud is what never happened. Bill Barr lied.

Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), records have been obtained that show the Department of Justice never conducted an investigation into election fraud claims. The Center for Renewing America made FOIA requests to 12 U.S. district attorneys.

Each was from an important battleground state in the 2020 election. Despite a memo from Barr sent on November 9, 2020, insisting that there would be investigations, not a single investigation was carried out. Despite evidence of fraud, no one took a look at anything.

There is evidence in these newly released documents that Barr actually denied requests. The U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District asked to investigate. Bill Barr told him no! Why would he flat out lie about something so critical to our democracy?

Was Bill Barr laying the foundation for his big book deal? He’s just another in a long list of turncoat Republicans who have stabbed President Trump in the back. This new discovery helps prove what President Trump has claimed all along. Washington, D.C. is a corrupt swamp.

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