I’m leaving my husband and 4 kids for a 26-year-old I’ve met online – everyone thinks he’s a scammer but it’s true love

A MUM-OF-FOUR who was prepared to abandon her family for a younger man that she met online has revealed it was because “intimacy was never great” with her husband. 

Sarah and Keith, both in their 40s, had been married for nearly 18 years when he discovered she was texting other men behind his back. 

Sarah was prepared to abandon her husband and four sons for a man she met online
YouTube/Dr Phil
She says “intimacy was never great” with her husband of 18 years, Keith
YouTube/Dr Phil

His true heartbreak came when she filed for in 2017 to pursue 26-year-old Kenyan man, Kevin Ondieki.

Despite never meeting her long-distance beau, Sarah insisted she was “madly in love” and hoped to move to thousands of miles to marry her toyboy as soon as possible. 

“When I ‘met’ Kevin, I was really taken with his gentleness,” she revealed. 

“When he texted me, he smothered me in love. 

“He called me ‘baby’ and ‘queen’. He made me feel special.”

Kevin told Sarah that he ran an orphanage and was a pastor to the children, with the pair texting and video calling everyday. 

However, his career claims were refuted by Sarah’s family who believe he is a scammer. 

According to local media, Kevin’s own father, Pastor Cosmas Ondieki, affirmed the family’s worries.

He said that his son does not run any orphanage and has never been a pastor. 

Kevin wasn’t the first online relationship Sarah engaged in – she fell in love with a man named Eric from Ghana while still in a relationship with Keith.

She claims her first affair “just fizzled out” and the pair are still friends.

However, it was from this relationship that her digital infidelity spiralled out of control.

Keith and the rest of Sarah’s family desperately tried to convince her that she was making a huge mistake with her plans to move to Kisii, Kenya. 

The family’s story appeared on US talk show Dr Phil, where it was revealed Sarah said to Keith: “If it doesn’t work out, I can just come back to you.”

The mum-of-four confirmed that she was prepared to abandon her four children in pursuit of a treacherous relationship.

Dr Phil McGraw asked Sarah to try a 90 day challenge of working on her marriage with Keith before making the huge move to Kenya. 

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Kevin has spoken out since Sarah and Keith’s story went viral
YouTube/Dr Phil