I’m 36 & moved from Egypt to be with my Brit wife, 81 – trolls say I’m a scammer but I love brushing her grey hair

AN EGYPTIAN toyboy who married a pensioner 46 years older has slammed trolls who call him a scammer and insists he loves brushing his wife’s grey hair, while she irons his shirts.

Iris, 82, married 36-year-old engineer Mohamed Ibriham in winter 2021, and the pair are now happily living together in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, after he was granted a spousal visa.

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Egyptian toyboy Mohamed Ibriham married Iris, 82, in winter 2021, and the pair are now happily living together in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset[/caption]

Youtube / iris Mohamed

’m 36 & moved from Egypt to be with my Brit wife, 81 – trolls say I’m a scammer but I love brushing her grey hair while she irons my shirts,[/caption]

Iris and Mohamed often document their age-gap relationship on their shared YouTube channel and in one video, the pensioner can be seen recording her husband as he affectionately brushes her grey hair.

“What you do? Are you taking a video?” Mohamed asks.

He then continues: “Iris’ hair is very fantastic. Very good hair. She clean wife.”

And when Iris says “it’s growing long isn’t it,” Mohamed replies: “Long like mine, but my hair is a mess.”

However, Iris reassures her husband that his hair is “never a mess” and that he has “beautiful black curls.”

The loved-up couple sign off from the video by sharing a sweet kiss.

In a second video captioned “the best wife,” Mohamed shows off his freshly ironed white shirts and explains: “Iris irons clothes for me, thank you.”

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“My wife, my good wife, I’m a very lucky man.”

Iris previously appeared on ITV’s This Morning and made telly hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield blush when she revealed back in January 2020 that she had used an entire tube of KY Jelly lubricant when first getting intimate with Mohamed.

“The tablets I take make my skin terribly thin,” Iris said. “So we can only do it lying down, with him on top of me. Otherwise it’s very painful and I’ll bruise.

“I teased Phil and Holly by saying we did it doggy style and the position we manage is a bit like that but not really – it’s flatter.”

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She said: “I love shocking people. Why not? It gives them a laugh. I’m a prude really — although I did use the KY Jelly. It spices up people’s otherwise boring lives to hear about what I am up to in the bedroom.

“Saying that, Mohamed is my pharaoh. He is pure Egyptian. He’s very, very sexy. He’s a wonderful man.”

Iris previously told Fabulous how she had been separated from Mohamed for more than a year during the pandemic. “The heartache is unbelievable,” she said. “All we are talking about now is what will happen when we meet.

“I miss Mohamed so much, I just want him with me in the UK.

“If he didn’t get a visa it would feel like the end of the world. It’s like he’s dead but he’s not dead — just missing.”

Mohamed added: “I miss my Iris so much.”

Iris said that Mohamed’s move to the UK would be “great for the economy”, and added: “He could work at Hinkley Point power station — he’s a trained engineer.”

When retired care worker Iris met Mohamed, she had been divorced for 27 years and love was the furthest thing from her mind.

Iris’ life changed for ever in early 2019 when son Stephen bought her a laptop and signed her up to Facebook. She joined a group for atheists, which is where she got chatting to Mohamed.

In November 2019, just five months after they connected online, Iris flew five hours from London’s Heathrow to Cairo for their first meeting in real life.

Mohamed, who moved back in with his parents after his marriage broke down, paid for them to stay in an apartment in the city. It was there, hours after they met, they first got intimate.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get married because Iris hadn’t realised she needed to bring her divorce papers with her.

After a month, Iris was devastated to fly back to the UK but a month later she paid another £600 to return to Cairo.

Unable to marry during that visit either, as Mohamed’s divorce had not yet been finalised, the pair finally tied the knot during Iris’s third visit, where she followed all government travel guidelines, in October 2020.

Youtube / iris Mohamed

Iris often irons Mohamed’s shirts while he enjoys playing with her hair[/caption]