Fourth Trump-Loving Resident of The Villages in Florida Arrested for Alleged Voter Fraud

Trump’s insistence that the 2020 election was rigged against him is a lie that he has been pushing so intensely that it led to the January 6 Capitol riot, and it is a lie that many of his followers are still corroborating today. While there has been little evidence of voter fraud, a few instances were recently discovered, but with a twist: they occurred in a pro-Trump retirement community. The fourth arrest of a resident in the community, this one a 64 year old named Charles Franklin Barnes, was recently made.

The residents were caught in the act after being exposed by an email, and ClickOrlando said this: “Anonymous emails sent to Florida’s Secretary of State in May by someone using the pseudonym “Totes Legit Votes” prompted the voter fraud investigation, court records obtained show.” The anonymous emailer said that, “I believe that if hundreds of people sign sworn affidavits that they saw election irregularities, people should at least try to check into it.”

JUST IN: A fourth resident of The Villages, Florida has just been arrested for voter fraud for casting more than 1 ballot in an election. This is on top of the 3 Trump supporters in this community that have been arrested prior.

Meet Charles Franklin Barnes, 64 years old.

— No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen (@NoLieWithBTC) January 5, 2022

It’s interesting that after all this time of searching, when election fraud was actually found, it was in favor of Donald Trump, who has been insisting that it was actually Biden voters who were cheating the system. The Florida Villages Retirement Community is the first time there has been real proof uncovered of anyone casting votes in multiple states, as Barnes did along with several others in the far-right extremist community.

The sad part of the story truly is that though this voter fraud is few and far between, and actually swings the opposite way many are accusing it of, in the end it was exposed not through thorough election procedures or audits, but through the email of a helpful, anonymous stranger.

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