Dem Election Clerk Who Denied 2020 “Voter Fraud” Was Just Charged with Felony Bribery, Witness Intimidation

One of the first Democrat election officials to deny any “voter fraud” in 2020 was a Michigan Election Clerk by the name of John Gleason.


Mr. Gleason rushed out to tell the country that there was no widespread voter fraud in 2020… and he’d know because he’s such a pillar of the community, right?

Well, not exactly. 

Mr. Gleason was just charged with felony bribery and witness intimidation.

The Detroit News reported that Genesee County Clerk John Gleason was arrested and arraigned Friday on charges of witness bribing, intimidating or interfering and public officer–willful neglect of duty in relation to an investigation into a 2019 marriage officiated by the clerk.

Gleason is alleged to have officiated a marriage outside the county without the necessary legal documentation and then alleged to have sought to influence county clerk’s office employees in relation to the marriage and the more than year-long investigation, according to court filings.

Specifically, Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene said in a court filing that after the officiation of the marriage, Gleason attempted to have members of his office “backdate records in accord with his prior actions that were violative of several legal requirements.”

Then, when Gleason became aware of an investigation into the marriage, “he directed that an employee of the clerk’s office meet with him in his office to resolve the prior marriage issue and accused her of misconduct,” according to the court document filed ahead of the judge’s consideration of Gleason’s bond.

While the case was pending, Gleason also contacted a county commissioner without her consent by “appearing uninvited at her residence,” the filing said.

“The defendant’s behavior appears to be growing increasingly erratic,” and his conduct toward employees “shocks the conscience,” the filing said.

Reene, who is handling the case as a special prosecutor appointed by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, said the investigation began in 2020 and Gleason’s charges relate to conduct through March 2022. Reene added that the charges are not in connection with the marriage but rather in relation with the investigation afterward.

Yes, he sounds like a really honest and upstanding citizen who wouldn’t lie or mislead anyone, right?

Mr. Gleason was arrested Friday on the second floor of Genesee County Courthouse.

County officials are exploring how to handle upcoming elections, now that both the county clerk and the deputy clerk are charged with crimes.

These are the upstanding Dem criminals who oversaw the 2020 election.