Arrest outside Marlow school leads to discovery of $20k scam

MARLOW, Okla. (KSWO) – Extra patrols around a high school due to a nationwide TikTok threat led to a man being arrested in Marlow for a completely unrelated crime.

According to court documents, on Friday, Dec. 17, police were conducting an extra patrol around Marlow High School when they spotted a man not from the area carrying a briefcase on the school campus.

According to police, school officials tried to talk to the man, who dropped his briefcase and ran. Police also ran after him until they were able to catch him.

When officers took him back to the police station, they found out his name was Oshane Callam, and he came to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania.

Callam told police he was there to meet a woman and deliver documents to her, but said he had never met her before.

Inside the briefcase, police found a notebook with no entries and an empty file folder.

It wasn’t until a woman stopped by the police department that they were able to piece things together.

That woman, who lives across the street from the school, told police the man they arrested was supposed to bring her more than $5 million she had won from the Publisher’s Clearing House, and she had seen him get arrested.

She said she first started getting calls from the Publisher Clearing House on Dec. 13, and they had called her every day since. She said she spoke with a Bill Lowe, whose number showed an address in Jamaica.

The woman told police that a man who identified himself David Redd said he was an IRS agent and she needed to mail him $10,500 because she owed taxes on her sweepstakes winnings, and so she did.

The woman also had $13,000 in cashiers checks and cash that she told police she also owed in taxes.

She told police that she was also on the phone with a man who said he was with the Publisher’s Clearing House who told her a man with a briefcase was across the street to deliver her winnings when she saw Callam being arrested.

Callam later told police that a man hired him to deliver the briefcase, yet he had never met him face to face. Callam said he was told the briefcase contained divorce papers, and that he would be paid $2,000 and be reimbursed for travel expenses from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma. He also said the man didn’t tell him to pick up anything from the woman.

Callam has been charged with conspiracy to obtain property by trick or deception and obstructing an officer.

His bond has been set at $75,000.

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