Raleigh, NC woman transfers money from bank account, loses life savings after getting FTC scam calls about money laundering – ABC7 Chicago

RALEIGH, N.C. — A scammer used fear and intimidation to steal thousands of dollars from an 84-year-old North Carolina woman. She says she gave up her savings to “help the government,” and now she’s using her voice to help you. “The whole time I kept telling him, ‘I know you’re scamming me. I know you’re…Read More

What happened when an expert played along with a scam

Losing money to an internet-based has long since moved beyond an uncommon scenario reserved for vulnerable people who fall into not-so-sophisticated traps. Scammers are constantly evolving as new technology develops with more highly educated Australians falling for their tricks. A variation of the multi-million-dollar “wrong number” text scam has been sweeping the US, with scammers…Read More