Bethenny Frankel brands Kylie Cosmetics product a ‘scam’ | Daily Mail Online

Bethenny Frankel brands Kylie Cosmetics product a ‘scam’ as she slams company for charging an extra $117 just for packaging: ‘How stupid do we have to be?’ Real Housewife turned consumer advocate Bethenny Frankel has branded Kylie Jenner’s Birthday PR Box a ‘scam’ in her latest rundown of the Kardashian products on Wednesday.  Frankel, 51,…Read More

Trump supporters say they’re training poll watchers to spot fraud – The Washington Post

RACINE, Wis. — The Republican National Committee and its allies say they have staged thousands of training sessions around the country on how to monitor voting and lodge complaints about next month’s midterm elections. In Pennsylvania, party officials have boasted about swelling the ranks of poll watchers to six times the total from 2020. In…Read More

Dude Tried To Scam Me In The Most Hilarious Way, So I Decided To Strike Up A Conversation With Him. This Is How It Went.

Have y’all watched those documentaries on Netflix or Hulu or wherever about Tinder Swindlers and Catfishes and all of the other total scams that gullible, vulnerable women fall prey to? I’m fascinated by them. I think it’s because waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, I was a Psychology major and to this day, I love learning…Read More

CBI files charge sheet against Lalu Prasad Yadav for cases related to the land-for-job scam

On Friday 7th October 2022, the central bureau of investigation (CBI) filed a charge sheet against Rashtriya Janata Dal chief and former union railways minister Lalu Prasad Yadav for cases regarding land-for-job scams. A search operation was conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at the residences of senior RJD politicians in Bihar last…Read More

Cruz called Trump’s fraud claims ‘reckless.’ Now he promises his own evidence. – The Washington Post

Among the book’s focal points, according to Cruz’s interview on Fox News on Sunday night? “I take them through the evidence of election fraud and voter fraud in November 2020, which the Democrats and the corporate media insists doesn’t exist,” Cruz said. To be clear, despite sharply criticizing Trump after Jan. 6, Cruz continued to…Read More

Deadly Globalist Scam: ‘Global Warming to Alternative Energy Sources, It’s All One Big Hoax’  (Exclusive Interview)

Nothing is what it appears to be.  That heatwave that hit Europe this past summer? Twenty years ago, it was just a heatwave. Now, you’d be led to believe that it’s all part of the climate emergency that mankind has brought upon itself.  A recent World Climate Declaration, signed by 1,100 scientists, has made the…Read More


I am SO FREAKING SICK of seeing ads from Chinese clothing companies in my Facebook feed, LEGIT OPENLY LYING about where their clothes are from. The latest? Klynu. I see ads for this place pop up a lot, and they are REALLY good at drawing me in because social algorithms have figured out what kind…Read More

Leaked FOIA Request Exposes Bill Barr’s Role In Election Fraud Cover Up!

UAFReport| Daniel|  After the crooked 2020 presidential election, virtually everyone associated with or in support of progressive Democrats denounced all claims of election fraud. Their boy had been elected president, even if he had to cheat to do so. Regardless of whether they knew something wasn’t right, liberals proclaimed all election doubters to be conspiracy…Read More