Former Cast Member Exposes Scam at Disney Park, “Y’all Are Trash”

Cast Members are undoubtedly the heart of the Walt Disney Company. The unsung heroes of Disney Parks make sure everything works perfectly to provide Guests with the best experience possible, from attractions to entertainment, dining offerings, character interactions, shopping experiences, and more! Disney Parks would surely not be the same without the great effort made by every…Read More

BREAKING: Hero Sheriff Dar Leaf Sues Lawless MI AG Nessel, Dishonest MI SOS Benson For Interfering, Obstructing and Covering Up Crimes In Election Fraud Investigations, Including Machine Voting, Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking

– Hero and American treasure, Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office is suing MI Attorney General Dana Nessel, MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the Director of MI Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater, the MI State Police, MI State Police Trooper Bryan Fuller and MI State Police Trooper David Geyer…Read More

Phone scam victims in Canada can get money back, but only weeks are left to make a claim | CBC News

To Canadians, scam phone calls can be ubiquitous, with callers claiming to represent the Canada Revenue Agency or offer technical support — or they’re pitching loan, job or romance scams. It’s a long list. For victims who sent money to scammers using Western Union’s money-transfer service, there is a way to get all of your cash…Read More

Trump’s raising of $250m for fund that ‘did not exist’ suggests possible fraud | Donald Trump | The Guardian

The House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack appeared to make the case at its second hearing that Donald Trump and his campaign engaged in potential fundraising fraud, raising $250m for a Trump “election defense fund” that did not actually exist. The hearing, led by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, also showed that Trump and…Read More

Trump Can’t Defend Himself by Saying He Believed Fraud Lies, Legal Minds Say

Former President Donald Trump cannot win an acquittal from any potential indictment related to the attack on the Capitol by arguing that he genuinely believed his false claims of election fraud, two highly regarded legal experts said. Laurence Tribe, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, and Dennis Aftergut, a former federal prosecutor and current counsel…Read More