A homeless man known as ‘Million Dollar’ was the mastermind behind a $500K Beverly Hills credit-card scam that stole goods from Fendi, Gucci, and others – MarketWatch

A homeless man has been sentenced to four years in prison for being the mastermind behind an intricate Beverly Hills credit-card scam that stole over $500,000 of luxury bags, shoes and jewelry from posh shops like Gucci, Fendi, Chanel and Torneau. Trace Jevon Jones, 33 — who was known as “Million Dollar” because of his…Read More

BLM chapter founder sentenced to prison for voter fraud; NAACP laments ‘two criminal justice systems in America’

Pamela Moses, an activist who founded the Black Lives Matter chapter in Memphis, was sentenced to prison last week after she was found guilty of voter fraud. What are the details? Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich announced last Monday that Moses was sentenced to six years and one day in prison after being…Read More

Smoking gun documents tie Nancy Pelosi’s son to a fraud and bribery scheme | Daily Mail Online

Nancy Pelosi’s son listed himself as the owner of a flop house tied to a fraud and bribery scheme prosecuted by the FBI, in documents newly unearthed by DailyMail.com. In the documents, Paul Pelosi Jr. signed statements that he was the property owner, ‘the party legally and financially responsible for this proposed construction activity’ and…Read More

Election Fraud Deniers Will Have a Hard Time Shrugging Off This ‘Never-Before-Seen Surveillance Video’ (Watch)

It is still unknown how much fraud was carried out in the 2020 election. But the narrative needs to end that the answer is “none.” Despite the widespread blanket denials from the mainstream media, surveillance video has bubbled up showing that ‘mules’ illicitly dumped ballots into Zuckerberg “drop boxes.” The film contains startling video evidence…Read More

Minister quits in Lords over government handling of Covid loans fraud | Conservatives | The Guardian

Boris Johnson suffered another major blow to his authority on Monday after a Treasury minister staged a dramatic public resignation over the government’s decision to write off £4.3bn in fraudulent Covid loans. Theodore Agnew, a Treasury and Cabinet Office minister, called the oversight of the scheme “nothing less than woeful” and accused officials of “schoolboy…Read More