Steely Dan’s Slyly Subversive ‘Royal Scam’ Reconsidered | Best Classic Bands

Steely Dan’s Slyly Subversive ‘Royal Scam’ Reconsidered Share This: Steely Dan’s pop cultural capital has appreciated handsomely over the half century since Walter Becker and Donald Fagen bonded as Bard College outsiders, going on to write songs drawn from shared obsessions that Fagen later cited as “jazz (from the ’20s through the mid-’60s), W. C….Read More

Ex-Trump Accountant Testifies Before Grand Jury In NY Fraud Investigation

At the current time, there are a number of investigations into Donald Trump and his corrupt acts during and before his presidency. There is an investigation in Georgia into Trump’s attempts to pressure the secretary of state, Brad Raffensberger, to “find” enough votes to overturn a democratic election. There’s an investigation ongoing in Congress into…Read More

Derby takeaways furious at Just Eat over refund loophole scam – Derbyshire Live

A group of Derby takeaways are threatening to boycott food ordering service Just Eat after falling victim to what they claim is a fraudulent refund scam. The takeaways claim that some customers are fraudulently claiming refunds from food orders that have been successfully fulfilled by the restaurants, resulting in the takeaways losing hundreds of pounds….Read More

Scammer Called Out By Netizens Improves His ‘Police Disguise’, Wears An Adidas Cap Instead

Scammer Appears To Improve ‘Police Disguise’, Replaces Yankees Cap With Adidas One The authorities have constantly warned the public to be vigilant about scammers. But as Singaporeans get warier, scammers have also constantly evolved and upped their game. Back in November, a netizen took to Facebook to warn netizens about a phone scam involving a…Read More