Ex-NJ Corrections Officer’s Crypto Scam Targeted Police, Firefighters, EMTs: Authorities

A retired New Jersey corrections lieutenant orchestrated a heartless cryptocurrency scheme that preyed on his peers, costing participating police, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders more than $620,000, state and federal authorities said. John DeSalvo, 47, of Linwood, also pulled a $100,000 investment scam that authorities said went to covering his credit card bills, day…Read More

The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies review – a joyfully fun takedown of a scammer ex-husband

This blackly comic drama follows a woman’s discovery that her missing spouse – who popped out for chow mein and never came back – is a conman. Her quest for revenge is a total thrill Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, centred his best-known shows around distinctly unlikable protagonists. One…Read More

Lyn wants her bank to refund the $50,000 she lost in a scam, money she needs to pay for her funeral – ABC News

“Oh my God, they’re still moving the money.” The bank teller was shocked when pensioner Lyn Read walked into her local Bendigo Bank branch one afternoon in January to tell her she was in the middle of scam, and the bank’s employee acted quickly. “She shut it all down and said, ‘I’ll ring our fraud squad…Read More

Tesco and Sainsbury’s ‘loyalty card scheme scam’: Britain’s biggest supermarkets are increasing ‘regular’ prices on household goods before offering what look like reductions for members in bid to make savings look bigger, watchdog warns | Daily Mail Online

Supermarkets were today accused of a loyalty scheme scam designed to make savings look bigger than they really are. Tesco and Sainsbury’s appear to be increasing the ‘regular’ price on household essentials before then offering what look like big reductions for those using loyalty cards. Evidence uncovered by Which? covers a wide range of products…Read More

‘I’m 25 and my husband is 69 – people say our love is a scam but we couldn’t be happier’ – Mirror Online

Age-gap romances are not uncommon these days, but sometimes they still cause a stir and a raised eyebrow, with some naysayers questioning whether there’s a motive behind the loved-up display. But a couple with a 44-year age gap are proving that age really is just a number, sharing that: “This is love, not a money…Read More